SOLD: Off-Grid 2.19 acres vacant lot ** Less than an hour drive to BullHead City, AZ ** $136 monthly!

If you’re the kind who loves a good adventure or sees opportunities from a mile away, this is for you. 2.19 acres of prime land in Yucca, AZ. Your ownership is secure with a Warranty Deed. No worries, just excitement.

Want to camp? Picture yourself under a gazillion stars, with the breeze whispering through the trees. RV lover? Park it here and wake up to Instagram-worthy sunrises. And if a mobile home is your jam, this spot is your blank canvas. Yucca isn’t just about fun; it’s also a smart move. With eco-travel on the rise, turning this spot into a hotspot is gold.

Imagine creating a campground or a cozy retreat. It’s an investment that’s as cool as it sounds. City Trips and Lakeside Vibes or Need a change of scene? Kingman is a 25-minute drive. And when it’s time to splash around, Lake Havasu is right there.


Easy seller financing is offered with no credit checks, no prepayment penalties, no catch, and everyone qualifies!

This property can be yours for:

Owner Financing: $136 down payment, a one-time $250 documentation fee, and $136 monthly principal for 60 months at 0% interest. Total $8296.


Discounted Cash Price: $8400 $5,700 or 90-Day Same as Cash $999 down, $1567/month for 3 months.

It’s like paying for a streaming service, but way cooler—you’re paying to own a chunk of land!

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State: Arizona

County: Mohave County

Parcel Number (APN): 208-25-191

Size: 2.19 acres

Approximate Taxes Per Year: 24.88

Zoning: Vacant Land

Power: Power poles on Hollinger Dr. Solar, wind, or generator. Contact Mohave Electric Co-Op at 1-928-763-1100.

Water: You will need to build a well or haul water. Contact the Arizona Department of Water Resources for more information at (602) 771-8500.

HOA: None

Access: Dirt Road

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How To Buy A Property:

To secure this property, simply click the “Click Here To Secure This Property” button. This will prompt you to pay the down payment. During this process, we’ll need some essential information from you, such as your name(s), email(s), phone number(s), and mailing address(es). This information will be used for the paperwork associated with the purchase.

Now, you have two options for making the purchase: you can either choose our convenient financing option or opt for a one-time cash payment. Select the option that suits your preferences and financial situation best. By completing the down payment and document fee process, you effectively reserve the property exclusively for yourself, taking it off the market.

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If you’ve chosen our financing option, your monthly payments will begin automatically within 30 days. We want to make this process as smooth as possible for you. For those who have decided to make a one-time cash payment, we will promptly get in touch with you to arrange the final payment. Once the property is paid off, we will transfer ownership into your name and record a new deed with the county. You will then be the proud new owner of a great property!

Important Info:

Before proceeding with any actions related to the property, it is crucial to be aware of the following points:

  1. For inquiries regarding permissible construction or any activities on the property, we advise directing your questions to the county Planning and Zoning Department. While we have provided comprehensive information on our website, it is essential to verify with the appropriate authorities as regulations and rulings may change over time.
  2. The information we have shared is considered reliable, but please understand that it is not guaranteed, given the possibility of county regulations evolving. To ensure accuracy and suitability, we strongly encourage you to conduct your own due diligence.
  3. As part of our commitment to your satisfaction, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for your down payment. However, it’s important to note that the document fee is non-refundable. The document fee is utilized to prepare and finalize the contract, which is why it is non-reimbursable. Before making any payment, please carefully evaluate whether the property and its terms align with your requirements.
  4. Important: You cannot build or permanently live on the land until its paid off.

For Buyers Opting for Financing:

  1. If you are financing the property, your monthly principal payment will also include prorated property taxes and a note service fee. The property taxes will be divided into monthly installments and will be collected while you control the property, with the county receiving the annual payment. Additionally, the note service fee of $10 is levied to cover a portion of the bank fees incurred from processing your payments.

For Buyers Making Cash Purchases:

  1. If you decide to purchase the property with a cash payment, there might be a document fee involved, along with any closing costs incurred if the property is closed through a title company. However, we typically cover all closing costs for cash purchases when the buyer opts for in-house closing with TerraVest Land LLC.

It is of utmost importance to thoroughly consider all aspects of the property and its associated terms before proceeding with any payments or commitments. Our team is here to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to reach out to us for further clarification or additional information. Your satisfaction and informed decision-making are our top priorities.

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